The Polarized Photochromic Lenses

polarised photochromic lenses

Enjoy Safer night driving

See clear at night with this state of the art night vision aid.

Clear view is a driving aid made with night vision glass which makes the most of advanced anti glare technology to help drivers to see better at night and in foggy  conditions.

polarised photochromic lenses

The Polarized Photochromic Lenses

The Polarized Photochromic lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast making it easier to see further when visibility is poor.

How does it work?

  1. Clear view night driving glass can earthier be worn  on its own or over the top, depending on the needs of the wearer.
  2. The lenses are coated with anti-blue ray layers, which help to block out the harsh blue light from modern car headlights. Removing just the blue lights makes the lights from oncoming traffic appear much sharper, which puts far less strain on the eyes.

The Ultimate night vision aid

Clear View also benefits from the technology of transitions lenses. These lenses are able to automatically adapt depending on the specific light conditions of any moment. This means that they will never be too dark or not dark enough as they will change the amount of light which is let in depending on the conditions outside.
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Polarized Lense
Clear View


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